Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee Beans - 250g

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Saint Drogo Costa Rica Coffee Beans (250g)

This single origin coffee from Costa Rica is roasted to create an enjoyable sweet cup. 

Notes of cocoa and toffee, medium body, mild grapes-like enjoyable acidity and sweet aroma. With milk, sweeter notes of honey and golden syrup are emphasised and the acidity softens but is still noticeable. 

100% Arabica beans from Costa Rica

These single origin beans from Costa Rica are 100% Arabica. Arabica beans are rich in flavour which is a result of perfect soil and the right amount of rainfall. The higher growing elevations of Arabica mean its sensorial profile is more vibrant.

Saint Drogo, the Patron of Coffeehouses

Our Saint Drogo Single Origin Coffee Beans are named after the Patron Saint of Coffeehouses, Drogo of Sebourg. Born in 1105, Drogo's association with coffeehouses has always been mysterious considering coffee was not introduced into Belgium and France until the 17th century. While the connection isn't immediately obvious, some believe that it's because Drogo didn't drink anything other than warm water.

Alternatively, it's been suggested that the early coffeehouse-keepers of Hainaut were amazed at how the properties of the coffee bean were transformed by fire without being destroyed by it, which reminded them of Drogo’s miraculous survival of the destruction of Sebourg church.

Doppio Coffee Beans

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Order Saint Drogo Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee Beans 

At Doppio Coffee Warehouses, you can order our Saint Drogo Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee Beans online or over the phone. Alternatively, pop into one of our four locations in Kentish Town, Battersea, Shoreditch and West Ealing where you'll find espresso bars, training facilities and showrooms all under one roof. Our coffees are available in 250g or 1kg bags.

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