Saint Drogo Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee Beans - 250g

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These Ethiopian coffee beans are roasted to create a medium-bodied, aromatic and fruity cup. Presenting notes of sugar cane, caramel and pleasant green apple acidity to bring some sunshine into your mornings.

100% Arabica from Ethiopia

Our Saint Drogo Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee Beans are 100% Arabica grown in Ethiopia, the home of the coffee species ‘Coffea Arabica’.

100% Arabica beans contain twice as much sugar and 60% more lipids than Robusta beans, giving the coffee a better taste and decreasing the level of bitterness. However, the rich flavour of Arabica beans is a result of perfect growing conditions, including soil and rainfall. The higher growing elevations of Arabica also mean the tasting notes and acidity of the beans are more intense. We are proud to offer you this incredible Ethiopian Coffee!

Saint Drogo, the Patron of Coffeehouses

The Saint Drogo Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee Beans are named after Drogo of Sebourg, the Patron Saint of Coffeehouses. Born in the 12th century, Drogo's association with coffeehouses is surrounded by mystery, especially considering that coffee was not introduced into France and Belgium until the 17th century. However, there has been much speculation regarding his patronage, with some believing it's because he only drank warm water. Other witnesses claimed they saw Drogo working in coffee fields and attending mass every Sunday simultaneously.

It's also been suggested that early coffeehouse-keepers in Hainaut were mesmerised by how coffee beans could be transformed by fire without being destroyed, which resembled Drogo’s incredible survival during the destruction of Sebourg church.

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