Guatemala Single Origin Coffee Beans - 1kg

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Saint Drogo Guatemala Coffee Beans (1kg) 

Our Saint Drogo Guatemalan Coffee Beans were roasted for an aromatic and bright cup. A tray of chocolate bourbons, salted caramel shortbread and walnut whips. A delicate body for a delicious afternoon treat.

100% Arabica from Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the world's biggest coffee producers and is blessed with unique growing conditions. Beans from Guatemala are known to be sweet with lots of chocolate tasting notes. Hints of toffee and nuts are highly likely too.

Our Saint Drogo Guatemala Coffee Beans are 100% Arabica, so not only do they have the dark chocolate flavour the country is famous for, but they also have a pleasant acidity. Arabica beans contain lower levels of caffeine than Robusta beans, making them less bitter.

Saint Drogo: The Patron of Coffeehouses 

Our Single Origin Line of Coffee Beans are named after the Patron of Coffeehouses, Drogo of Sebourg. Born in the early 12th century, Drogo's association with coffeehouses remains unclear today as many believe he only drank warm water. Although coffee wasn't introduced into Belgium and France until the 1600s, some witnesses claim they saw him working in coffee fields while attending mass every Sunday.

Some suggest that early coffeehouse-keepers were in awe of how coffee beans could be transformed when burnt without being destroyed, which resembles Drogo’s miraculous survival during the destruction of a church in Sebourg.

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