Caffe Diemme Oro - Beans250g

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Diemme Oro, made up of 100% Arabica beans, is distinguished by an elegant balance between acidity and bitterness. Its aroma is balanced and its flavour is sweet and full, so it leaves a pleasant and persistent aftertaste marked by notes of chocolate and almond.

  • Aroma
    intensity: medium/high
    quality: floral and tropical fruit notes
  • Flavour
    acidity: present but balanced
    bitterness: almost absent
    sweetness: present
    balance: balanced flavours
  • Body
    astringency: absent
    body: medium
  • Aftertaste
    intensity: medium, with notes of almonds, citrus and fresh fruit
    persistence: high, due to the quality of the Arabica varieties
Ideal blend for espresso, and the caramel tones are enhanced by milk.  
Origin: Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Tanzania, Kenya, India