Flair Espresso NEO - Grey

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Latest Model from Flair Espresso - The NEO (2020) in Grey


Flair Espresso keeps surprising the coffee world with its manual solution to espresso making. The NEO is the latest on budget production by Flair Espresso with simplicity, environment and fun in mind.  

The NEO is geared with the Flow Control Portafilter V2 which simplifies the brewing process by controlling the flow of brew water through coffee grounds to ensure proper espresso extraction. With this solution, it means that you can use any grinder — from high end burr grinders to less expensive bladed grinders without compromising on the results.  You will still get the same delicious shots of espresso topped with a thick layer of créma.

The Flow-Control Portafilter V2 is easy to spot, being bright red. It’s also easy to use, featuring an upgraded removable spout for ease of cleaning and de-clogging, and is the key to simple manual espresso brewing.

This model, as capable as any of the earlier models, was designed to produce delicious, in-home and on-the-go espressos whilst being so portable that you can enjoy it wherever you are! 


  • Grey or White Body (Post, Base and Lever)
  • Flow Control Portafilter V2
  • Stainless Steel Dispersion Screen
  • Brewing Cylinder
  • Polyacetal Piston
  • Dosing Cup
  • Funnel
  • Drip Tray
  • Screw for Affixing Post to Base Permanently
  • Comes without the casing

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.27kg (5lbs)
  • Reservoir Capacity: 60ml
  • Portafilter Diameter: 40mm
  • Maximum Output: Up to 42ml
  • Suggested Dosage: 12-18 grams
  • Case not included (Can be purchased separately) 


What you will need:

  • Freshly roasted coffee beans | We recommend our House Blends
  • Grinder | Check out our grinders
  • Boiled water, at a target temperature range around 94 degrees Celsius
  • Some passion to press down the lever


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Case for the Flair:
Please note this model comes without the case. The casing can be purchased separately.
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