ECM Machine + Grinder Bundle + Free Coffee


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ECM Machine + Grinder Bundle + Free Coffee

Pick your machine + grinder and get 5% off total price + 4 x 250 coffee bags free of charge with this bundle.

When purchasing any of the machines with any grinder of your choice you will receive 5% off the total price. Additionally we will send you 4 x 250g of our House Blend coffee bean selection free of charge.

The House Blend selection will include:

  • 1x 250g Green
  • 1x 250g Orange
  • 1x 250g Brown
  • 1x 250g Purple

Get additional discount when purchasing one or more of the available tools & accessories (this is optional)

  • ECM Distribution Tool
  • ECM Knock-Box
  • ECM Tamping Station
  • ECM Bottomless Portafilter - Angled Grip