Brown Blend Coffee Capsules


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Doppio Brown Blend Capsules

Brown House Blend Coffee Beans offer light body, medium acidity and beautiful rich aroma. It presents hints of berries and spices, with an intense floral aroma.

100% Arabica

The Brown House Blend is 100% Arabica from Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia. There are a number of factors that determine a profile of a coffee, including the altitude it is grown at, the soil quality, origin and roast. Typically, Arabica beans are grown at higher elevations than Robusta beans and present a more complex sensorial profile in a cup. Different tasting notes will be characteristic to its origin. Our Brown beans are a blend from different origins and roasted in a way to give you the sensorial variation. Truly the World in a cup!

Doppio House Blends

Doppio House Blends are our signature coffee line. With Green, Blue and Brown, you can be sure to find a variety in aroma and taste to satisfy your palate.

Doppio Capsules

  • Each box contains 10 coffee capsules
  • Our Capsules are Nespresso compatible!
  • Aluminium made - 100% Plastic-Free!
  • 100% recyclable at home
  • Aluminium can be recycled forever


Prefer a richer coffee blend? Try our Green Blend for a richer, full-flavoured coffee with hints of cocoa.

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Aluminium made:
100% Plastic-Free! Our capsules are made of aluminium and packed in controlled environment ensuring coffee characteristics are kept and delivered with every cup
100% recyclable at home:
Scooping out the coffee from your used capsules allows you to recycle it at home
Aluminium can be recycled forever:
Aluminium does not loss any of its qualities during the recycling process therefore can be recycled forever