ECM Tamping Station


ECM Tamping Station - enhancing the art of tamping:

The ECM Tamping Station is a practical tool that helps the user to get a consistently better coffee extraction.

The Tamping Station ensures the pressure applied on the coffee bed is evenly distributed which allows a superior extraction of the coffee.

The ECM Tamping Station helps the user to avoid channelling and inconsistencies in the coffee “puck” which usually result in uneven extraction of the coffee.

Channelling - when the water that goes through the coffee bed finds a way through cracks or small inconsistencies.

Uneven Coffee Bed – uneven tamping will result with a little slope in the basket, the immediate effect will be an uneven extraction and an inferior shot of espresso.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Polished aluminium
  • Fits any ECM portafilter
  • Rubberised bottom for extra grip
  • Stylish design with ECM logo

Measurements: Diameter 9.5 cm, Height 7.0 cm

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