Blue House Blend Coffee Beans - 1kg


Blue House Blend Coffee Beans

This coffee is well-balanced, with light acidity and medium body. The unique harmony of tasting notes of almonds, sweet marzipan, caramel and stone fruits, each cup will awaken your senses.

80% Arabica and 20% Robusta

These Blue House Blend beans are 80% Arabica, resulting in a pleasant balanced acidity. More delicate than Robusta beans, Arabica beans have a pronounced centre crease and are oval in shape.

Robusta beans have lighter acidity and are less sweet. Often presenting more woody notes, they contain approximately 25% more caffeine than their Arabica counterparts. Usually paler and smaller in size, they have a less pronounced crease. Our Blue House Blend beans are 20% Robusta.

Doppio House Blends

Doppio House Blends are our signature coffee line. With Green, Blue and Brown, you can be sure to find a variety in aroma and taste to satisfy your palate.

Every coffee you find on our shelves or on our website is selected by our team of coffee experts. After all, we want you to love your coffee as much as we do at Doppio Coffee Warehouse. If you’re not sure which coffee to buy, don’t worry. All of our coffees available to buy online and in-store come with detailed information on taste, strength and origin, so you can relax knowing you’ve selected the perfect coffee for your needs.

Need Ready Ground Coffee Beans?

We offer our customers different grind options to suit their needs. You can ask for your beans to be ground on spot at one of our four London locations or select a suitable grind option from a dropdown list on any coffee page when you order online.

Choose from a wide selection of coffee grinders if you prefer to grind coffee yourself. We recommend our burr grinders in order to keep your grinds consistent.

Visit Doppio Coffee Warehouse today

Here at Doppio Coffee Warehouse, we work hard to stock a wide selection of coffee beans to satisfy even the most demanding of palates. Each of our branches is complete with an espresso bar, training facility and showroom. If you are local or ever visit the Capital, pop into one of our locations for a hot cuppa or order your Blue House Blend Coffee Beans online.

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