Aeropress Original Coffee Maker


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AeroPress Original Coffee Brewing Device

The AeroPress coffee maker presents a revolution in the world of coffee brewing. It was designed as a solo coffee maker, allowing for a brew in as little as 1 minute. This innovative and effective method for brewing offers bright, rich and balanced coffee wherever you are. 

The no-fuss method for coffee making is completely lightweight and compact, ideal for continuing to enjoy the best tasting coffee even while on the go. Its unique design and ease-of-use make it the perfect companion whether at home, office or when travelling.


  • Lightweight
  • Made of: BPA-free Polypropylene 
  • The AeroPress takes just few minutes to make great cup of coffee
  • Brewing time is up to 4 minutes
  • Actual press time is under 30 seconds
  • It is simple and quick to clean
  • It's easy to use it at home, at your office, or even when travelling
  • It comes with 350 micro-filters


The AeroPress has been around since the early 2000s. The creation of Alan Adler, inventor of the Aerobie flying ring, it revolutionised a single cup coffee making. Adler found that the larger drip coffee machines resulted in a watery drink when only making a single cup. Applying his engineering to the problem, Adler produced this innovative new device. This easy-to-operate, handheld device makes coffee brewing simple and unique. Now customers around the globe can enjoy great-tasting coffee whenever they want, one cup at a time.

Get your AeroPress coffee maker online or in store

The AeroPress coffee maker is available for immediate purchase from the Doppio Coffee Warehouse online store. Replacement filters are also available and the brewing device provides a great excuse to try our coffees. Visit one of our London-based shops to see all our brewing equipment. You can also use our locations to pick up your order in person free of charge! For more information, feel free to get in touch.

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