Magnetic Articulating Shot Mirror for Flair

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Magnetic Articulating Shot Mirror for Flair

Enhance your espresso experience with the Flair's Articulating Shot Mirror. This magnetic, articulating mirror allows you to witness the mesmerising beauty of your espresso as it pours into your cup. Designed for easy maneuverability, the mirror can be used with any Flair espresso machine. Whether you're captivated by the visual allure of your extraction or using the mirror to assist in dialling in and identifying channelling, this accessory adds a new level of precision to your brewing process.

Observe your espresso with precision and indulge in the art of extraction with the Flair Articulating Shot Mirror.


  • Magnetic
  • Provides a clear view of your espresso extraction
  • Easy maneuverability in any direction
  • Compatible with various Flair espresso machine models


  • Shot Mirror with Adhesive Magnetic Coin: Suitable for Flair 58, Flair 58 LE, and Flair 58x machines purchased before May 2023. Also compatible with Flair PRO, Signature, Classic, or NEO models. For the Flair 58 family, attach the magnetic coin to the post on any side you prefer. For PRO, Signature, Classic, and NEO models, attach it to the base of your Flair as shown in the photos.


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