Suprema Coffee Beans 1kg

Drago Mocambo



Chocolate, Almonds

iIdeal choice for coffee lovers looking for that continental taste of Italian style coffee. Both sweet and punchy, it offers a smooth and sweet medium-bodied cup.

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Drago Mocambo Suprema Coffee Beans (1kg)

Enjoy the sweet taste of exceptional coffee with Drago Mocambo’s Suprema Coffee Beans.

Suprema Blend is the ideal choice for coffee lovers looking for that continental taste of Italian style coffee. This blend is particularly popular with those who enjoy cups with nutty notes and low in acidity.

This premium blend is crafted using the finest coffee beans to produce a flavour that is both punchy and sweet. It offers a smooth and sweet medium-bodied cup with tasting notes of chocolate and almonds.

Tasting Notes:
Chocolate, Almonds
Brazil, Costa Rica and India
70% Arabica and 30% Robusta

The beans are grown in Brazil’s Sul de Minas at an altitude of 1,180 metres, Costa Rica’s Tarrazu SHB at 1,350 meters and India’s Karnataka region at 1,300 meters. These are naturally processed beans and roasted to ensure that it encapsulates all the sensorial characteristics needed for that perfect Italian expression.

Drago Mocambo

Mocambo coffee roasting company was born in 1984, founded by Giuseppe Drago, who, driven by his inborn passion for coffee and with his family's help, began this fascinating adventure in a 20 square meter room, roasting and distributing the first kilos of coffee. This is where the persistence in communication, tasting and sharing of this  Italian pleasure, which has made it possible to grow throughout the years, began. Mocambo is currently represented by the third generation, and the beginning of the Italian tradition handed down to them has made it possible to establish real human relationships which are at the basis of life, as well as business. Their mission, which is also a personal challenge as a humble Italian family, is to continue moving ahead, always producing the best mixtures of espresso coffee, spreading Italian culture all over the world and keeping a high profile with and providing excellent quality to customers. 

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